Perhaps you are still in college and thinking about how to make an extra dollar. Teaching English online is definitely another way to make extra money without being distracted from your studies. Thanks to technology, you can now choose from a variety of companies where to teach English online. Moreover, with those companies you get to teach adults instead of children.

Unlike most companies or online platforms that only offer English tutoring for Chines students only, with the companies listed below you get to teach anywhere in the world.

Topping the List is Learnlight Company

The Learnlight Company helps you to connect with culturally diverse and highly motivated business professionals. These professionals are from over 100 countries and are involved in different sectors. You need not to worry about having to plan a calendar, which will probably take you more time to come up with. 

The Learnlight Company provides you with a ready to use calendar that is straightforward and helps greatly in terms of management. This is to help you coordinate with different time zones and ensure a worry free schedule.

Moreover, they ensure you have access that you need to library material so you can be well equipped with the right material you need. This guarantees that you will be able to deliver quality sessions and content to your students.

italki Language Learning Marketplace

italki language learning marketplace is known for being the largest in the world. It connects both students and teachers for online learning. Once you are approved to be an italki teacher, students from all over the world can easily search you on the teacher listings. 

Thereafter they can contact you through italki and book online lessons. The lessons are attended online via skype or other free VOIP software. Moreover, the italki takes care of the marketing, scheduling, payments as well as student management.

All you need to do is focus teaching. Hence, it is ideal for college students wanting to earn an extra buck. Its greatest advantage is students are everywhere and their age vary thus you can be rest assured to get what suits you best.

You need not to worry about extra equipment, as all you need is a computer or even a tablet that has internet access. You will also need a headset, webcam and skype or any other VOIP program. Then you be good to go!

English First

If you happen to be that person who has interests in teaching both kids and adults online, English First offers you all both in one package. You can choose which age group to teach from the comfort of your home or dorm room.

Another plus of using their platform is they offer a variety of different lessons. They are grouped from conversational group classes, private lessons and even one on one-tailored lessons. Thus, you will have enough room for choice to pick what suits you best.

The above are some of the options you can consider if you want to earn money through online tutoring.